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Platinum Seal Limited is a wholly Ghanaian licensed limited liability company established and incorporated in 2007 with a focus on improving urban and rural infrastructure in general construction and civil engineering in Ghana, with headquarters in Accra.


The Company is a constitute of a construction conglomerate, Core Holdings, consisting of other subsidiary companies or divisions namely Core Construction Limited, Platinum Seal Quarries Limited and Seal & Tar Limited who are all serving a unilateral purpose of improving construction in Ghana.

The Group comprises a dedicated and enthusiastic team of men and women who are well respected for their practical and theoretical excellence, headed by an astute and seasoned entrepreneur whose vision is liable for landmark tasks that have catapulted Ghana’s infrastructural development to new heights.


Platinum Seal engages in all areas of general construction and civil engineering but with a major focus on bitumen, asphalt processing and sales, and quarry products sales. We produce all kinds of bituminous products.


Continuing in our legacy of innovation, the company also has a very wide range of construction equipment for rental to other contractors who may have urgent need of supplementary equipment at their project sites. We can boast of equipment such as Synchronous Chipsealers, Asphalt Pavers, Bitumen Sprayers, Compactors (Pneumatic Tire Rollers & Steel Rollers), Excavators, Asphalt Milling Machines, Dump/Tipper Trucks, Road Sweepers, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders, Water Bowsers, etc.


This is why Platinum Seal is the first company that everyone in Ghana recommends to investors with interest in infrastructure.





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