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Platinum Seal Limited is the leading infrastructural company with a landslide dominance in offering top-notch services in bitumen processing and sales, with proprietorship in related products and services in Ghana.

The company runs Ghana's biggest bitumen processing facility. It is also the biggest in Sub-Sahara Africa. We produce bitumen and asphalt of all grades.

We look forward to partnering with you in your projects.


                                                                 Frank K. Ramsay Lartey

                                                                          Founder and CEO

Our Mission

To be the first choice of every customer by providing reliable quality products, customized solutions, unmatched service support and by ensuring continuous development in our products. Also to take care of everybody associated with us, like employees, suppliers, vendors, service providers for their development. To manufacture and sustain reliable infrastructure.



Our Vision

Our core vision is to produce the best products which conform to a world-class specification as well as the standard of road regulation for the production of bitumen, emulsion and pre-coating materials. To become the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all infrastructure products in Africa. To become the most reliable supplier of construction equipment in Ghana and beyond.







Our Values

Creating wealth with innovations and cutting-edge technology thereby reducing the cost of production but achieving a high quality of products and output. Gaining trust in hard work and honesty. Maintaining a standard of high quality works with integrity in the industry. Making maximum and good use of scarce natural resources.

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